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Name's Nikki


nikki, 32, currently contemplating decisions that are LIFE-CHANGING, loves jesus, learning to love self, artistic, very silly, cartoon fiend, former wallflower, bookmaker, knitter, homebody, loves jeff goldblum more than you, music is my life, movies are my escape, books are my passion, cat person.

101 in 1001

My 101 list

Family & Friends
001. Visit my aunt once a month. [0/33]
002. Send out birthday cards on time.
003. Spend time with Nana.
004. Call my friends once a week.
005. Remove ‘friends’ from my life.

006. Stick to my monthly budget. [0/33]
007. Keep a finance notebook to track my spending.
008. Order take out once a month. [0/33]
009. Pay off 25% of my school loans.

Lifestyle Changes
010. Lose a min of 80 pounds in 2008.
011. Start my health journal. healthyjourneys
012. Start a handwritten Gratitude journal.
013. Create and stick to the five rules of my health journal for one month.
014. Find an accountability partner.
015. Walk one mile twice a week for 3 months... adding one day every two weeks up to 6 days. [0/60]

Spiritual Growth
016. Attend church every Sunday for 3 months. [0/13]
017. Attend church every Sunday for 6 months. [0/26]
018. Study the Bible a min of twice a week.
019. Pray/meditate a min. of twice a week.

020. Learn Intarsia.
021. Knit my first sweater.
022. Take a bookbinding class with Bridget Bullen.
023. Buy a SLR manual camera.
025. Take photography classes at Project Basho.
026. Take a drawing class at the Fleisher Art Memorial Center.
027. Take a crochet class at The Tangled Web.
028. Make a photo album for my church.
029. Make a small accordion photo book for myself.
030. Buy a SLR digital camera.

031. Finish my Bachelor’s degree.
032. Find an entry level position 6 months after graduation.
033. Start Graduate school after working for 2 years.
034. Improve my grammar skills.
035. Learn one new word a month to improve my vocabulary.

036. Visit The Philadelphia Museum of Art.
037. Visit the Mutter Museum.
038. Visit the Morris Arboretum esp for the 2008 Fall festival.
039. See at least 2 plays in Philadelphia a year. [0/6]
040. See a Broadway show.
041. Visit MOMA in New York City.
042. Visit the African American Museum in Philly.

043. Replace light bulbs with energy efficient bulbs.
044. Start Strength training once a week. Starting: April 2008.
045. Volunteer once a month at Wayne Hall. Starting: Fall 2008.
046. Visit the doctor at least once a month.

047. Get some Neutrogena or something and take better care of my skin.
048. Do two things to clean/organize the house everyday.
049. Write down every single morsel of food that I eat every single day.
050. Write down at least 2 things I’m grateful for in my journal.
051. Write in my livejournal at lease twice a week.

Yay! Fun!!
052. Join the 50 movie challenge for 2008.
053. Go to the movies one a month. Review movies in my journal. [0/33]
054. Go to two concerts a year. [0/6]
055. Read 2 books a month in 2008. [0/66]
056. Join the 50 books challenge in 2009.
057. Join a Knit-Along in 2009.

Just Because I Wanna...
058. Beat Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.
059. Beat Kingdom Hearts 2.
060. Make a pair of earrings and a matching necklace/bracelet.
061. Rock some 3” and higher heels.
062. Get a manicure once a month.
063. Make an Aran Panel Blanket for my Grandmother.
064. Watch Battlestar Galactica.

065. Spend a weekend in NYC.
066. Visit my cousins in Arkansas.
067. Spend a weekend in Atlantic City.
068. Go to Memphis in 2009.
069. Go To Virginia Beach.
070. Go to Bahamas.

Face the Fear!
071. Sing Karaoke.
072. Speak in public.
073. Go dancing.
074. Write the cheesy novel length Mary Sue-esque Nsync fan fiction story that’s been in my head for 4 years!
075. Never EVER let it see the light of day.

076. Create a filing system for my papers.
077. Clean bedroom thoroughly for Spring cleaning.
078. Work on resume.
079. Get glasses.
079. Get a new computer desk.

Home Improvement
080. Redecorate bedroom.
081. Redecorate small office.
082. Gets rugs cleaned.
083. Clean out basement.
084. New television for living room.
085. Restock kitchenware.

Never Say Never
086. Get a tattoo.
087. Meet Jeff Goldblum and get a hug.
088. Learn Spanish.
089. Visit London for a week.
090. Visit my Aunt in California.
091. Meet Dolly Parton!

So Doable!
092. Get a new wardrobe after 50 pounds.
093. Plan a big soirée for Nana’s 90th birthday complete with jugglers and big band.
094. Eat a full breakfast every morning.
095. Find a pen pal.
096. Organize and sort through my recipes.
097. Create a most wanted DVD list.
098. Relearn web design.
099. Learn Adobe Photoshop.
100. Create a new website.
101. Do one hour of volunteer work for every item not completed.

Electric Mayhem rocks!

Love them I do!

I finally brought the first season Muppet Show. I hope they release Muppet Tonight because while it didn't last long, it was so funny. Just thinking about Pepe the Prawn makes me chuckle.

There is a big scandal at my church which originally started as one thing and then everything just fell like dominoes. Now we're burying one of the Mothers this Saturday. She just couldn't take the news. My mind has been scattered ever since. What kind of self-destructive crap do we get into as a result of not dealing with our mess? Drink too much? Overeat? What happens when it drifts over to something very disturbing? How do we get in so deep that we can't get out of it?

Better get yourself free.

The Complete Jane Austen

Just a heads up to Austen fans,

The Complete Jane Austen is playing now on Masterpiece Theater (pbs.org) from now until April. There are new adaptations of Persuasion, Northanger Abbey, Mansfield Park and Sense and Sensibility along with fan favorite adaptations of Emma (Kate Beckinsale) and Pride and Prejudice (Jennifer Ehle and Colin Firth). Persuasion kicked of the series last week.

Tonight it's Northanger Abbey at 9pm. Check PBS.org for local listings and to catch reruns.

Thank You Old Navy!

So my mom and I have been singing that song from the Old Navy commercials with those fugly sweaters. After seeing it play at least 5 times tonight I found out who it is...

Ingrid Michaelson

LOVE this! I listened to a few tracks on Itunes so I'm going to pick up her CD this weekend. I love her voice, she reminds me of Lisa Loeb by way of looks (it's not even the fact that she's wearing specs) and her voice reminds me of Feist just a tad.

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