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sappy pathetic little me...

that was the girl I used to be

8 April
Person in progress.


300lbs+, 4x6, african-american, america ferrera, amy lee, anne of green gables, anti-gastric bypass, architecture, art, atc, awards shows, baptist, barefoot contessa, beyonce-sexual, bible, biggirlwear, book arts, book reader, britney spears, california dreams, cartoon junkie, cartoons, cheetah girls, christian rock, chunky girls, classic movies, clothes that fit, codename:kids next door, collage, confidence, cool fatties, craft, csi, curves, curvy women, damien rice, dandy warhols, daria, death cab for cutie, determination, diet motivation, dieting, digiart, digital photography, disney channel, dr. charles stanley, dr. preston burke, enjoying everyday life, everybody hates chris, ew, exercise, family guy, fan fiction, fine art, flowers, food network, frida kahlo, full figured, future cool person, gay!lance, gospel music, greys anatomy, gym, harry potter, hates third-person speak, healthy, healthy recipes, healthy weight loss, heroes, homebody, homemade books, hope, in touch, ina garten, indie music, inspiration, jc chasez, jeff goldblum, jesus christ, jimmy neutron, joey fatone, joyce meyer, juanita bynum, justice league, kim possible, knit vogue, knitting, kooks, lance bass, lane bryant, lila downs, low-fat, lucy maud montgomery, martin, mcdreamy, medifast, moon, morbidly obese, movie freak, movie reviews, movies, multi-media art, museums, music obsessed, musicals, neosoul, netflix, newsradio, nick lachey, no doubt, nsync, o magazine, paint, pepper ann, phoebe buffay, photo transfers, photography, photoshop, picturesque settings, pixar, plus-sized women, pop music, praising god, prayer, purl, r&b, regina spektor, sci-fi, shakespeare, short stories, snow patrol, soul music, stencils, studio 60, sunday morning service, t-shirts, tbn, tegan and sara, the cardigans, toast, tracy mcbean, ugly betty, veronica mars, walking, wallace and gromit, wallflower, web design, working out, yowser